Stock market woes? Play the 1929 Great Crash game…

great-crash-cover-page1This game helps students understand the situation the US was facing on the eve of the stock market crash in 1929 by becoming investors in the Bull Market of 1928-1929 and in the Bear Market that followed, making and losing fortunes as industrial, rail, and utility stocks rise and fall in this simulation of the Wall Street frenzy. The Great Crash Game describes the unregulated environment of the stock market which led to the October 1929 stock market crash and the aftereffects.

Help students understand the current economic crisis and stock market fluctuations through playing a historical game.

Free Google classroom resources

Google offers a wealth of resources for classroom teachers for free. Our favorite today is this set of posters which can be downloaded and printed for classroom use. Here is a screenshot of one of them:

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