Vintage commercials from the 1950s and 1960s

These commercials can help provide a window into the culture of the two decades.

A fun way of showing images from the decades you are teaching.

National Housing Act, 1935

This newsreel-style video details the benefits of the National Housing Act for workers and the economy during the Great Depression. We are given a tour of a house built as a result of the program, which highlights the new innovations in construction. A couple interested in the home can now afford to buy as a result of the legislation.

This seems timely given the mortgage crisis we are facing.

Memorial Day newsreel, 1945

This May 1945 newsreel, filmed during WWII, shows:

A wreath placed at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery

Annual New York city service parade

The Anzio Battlefield, Italy revisited by U.S. Rangers, who after fighting there had been imprisoned by the Nazis until freed by the Russians

USS Laffey, a destroyer survives 8 attacks

Mrs. Truman christens war bond plane

Air Rescue Training in Alberta, Canada: Parachuting R.C.A.F. rescue men air for tree tops in their ‘timber jumps,’ then slide down extension ropes to render aid to victims stricken in the forests

Iraq Regent at Capital – “The White House: Arriving from Casablanca at President Truman’s invitation, Prince Abdul Ilah, Prince Regent of Iraq, enters official discussions with America’s chief magistrate.

Gen. Clark Gets Ovation in Chicago parade

Food Chief Appeals For Farm Help – War Food Administrator Jones speaks with pictures of farmers.

Promoting Unity During WWII, 1941

Narrated by Spencer Tracy who was a WWI veteran, this 1941 film celebrates soldiers throughout U.S. history, beginning with the American Revolution through WWII.

Designed to promote unity, this film emphasizes the perseverance of the American spirit.

If this film were made today do you think the Indian wars would have been celebrated?

Causes of WWII simulation game

causesWe would like to offer for your classroom use a copy of our Causes of World War II Part One game. This simulation game can be used as a classroom game for the whole class or a homework group assignment. Teams make decisions on the crucial events that led to WWII. Comes with readings, crossword puzzles, quiz and maps. There are two other parts available for sale on our website.

We have 30  simulation games available on our website from various periods in history.

WWI ends; parade in San Francisco

In the spirit of yesterday’s posting on the flu, this end of WWI video shot in San Francisco features participants wearing face masks, as the 1918 epidemic was in full force.

Please check out our World History WWI or US History WWI PowerPoints.

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These 11 slides are excerpted from our Black Death PowerPoint.  We wanted to post them since they are so timely.

If you’d like to download this mini-ppt, go to our Free Downloads page.

Fireside chats

One of his first fireside chats, this 1933 video outlines the relief programs FDR was designing to rescue the US from economic crisis.

This 1938 fireside chat discusses the effects of the Great Depression in Europe and the loss of democracy as a means of motivating Americans to stay strong.

World War I Propaganda Poster Assignment


There are some amazing resources online for teaching about propaganda from WWI.

This website contains examples from various nations involved in the war.

All of the posters in this Georgetown exhibit are US posters.

And finally this website contains WWI propaganda postcards.

We have included a simple assignment that we’ve had fun with over the years in our classrooms that asks students to design their own posters using recognizable symbols.

If you are looking for other WWI resources, we have two PowerPoints,  one for US, the other World History.

Banks and Credit, 1948

This short video shows how banks operate and how credit works. Although it is a bit dry, it is actually quite informative and would help students understand the system.

Given the current economic climate this seemed timely.

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