Monroe Doctrine cartoons lesson

monroe doctrine

The Monroe Doctrine is arguably one of the top ten most influential policies ever penned by a president. It helped define the stance the U.S. would take in the affairs of foreign nations, at first in the Western Hemisphere, and later the world.

Teaching with cartoons is such a powerful manner of introducing high level concepts. It also tends to grab the attention of all students, since most of us understand symbols pretty easily.

Here are two cartoons along with questions and answers on the Monroe Doctrine.

President Roosevelt denounces Hitler’s actions in Europe, 1940

This partial newsreel shows US reaction to Hitler’s invasion of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. President Roosevelt addresses Congress and expresses his shock and anger on May 10, 1940. Envoys from the conquered nations also express their outrage at Hitler’s takeover.

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Soviet spy captured, 1957

This 30 second silent clip shows the notorious Soviet spy Abel being captured.

If you are looking for other Cold War resources, check out our two PowerPoints – US Foreign Policy: Truman to Kennedy and Johnson to the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

Is America a melting pot?

This 1950s film “Who are the people of America?” tells a simplified story of how American culture was born: through the sharing of ideals.

Really great images from life in the 50s.

This fluffy piece could spark many great conversations in the classroom, regarding some of the topics not covered and whether it is an accurate portrayal of the immigrant experience.

How a Bill Becomes a Law

This classic Schoolhouse Rock cartoon simplifies the complicated process of how a bill becomes a law. It can provide a bit of fun in an otherwise dry topic.

Nuremburg trial newsreel

Although this partial newsreel does not show the results of the trial, it does show several of the major criminals.

Also there are telephone operators working the now archaic machinery that students might find interesting.

Red Baron flies off

This quick video shows the Red Baron getting suited up and taking off.

Foreign born American residents in history

eastern european immigrants

We have included a chart that depicts the number of foreign-born residents in the United States from 1900-1990 along with questions and answers.

If you are looking for more information on this topic, please check out our Immigration and Urbanization PowerPoint.

Anti-Hitler Propaganda film, 1942

British edited footage shows Hitler and his soldiers moving to the tune of the Lambeth Walk. Quite humorous, a rarity during WWII.

What You Should Know About Biological Weapons, 1952

This film made by the Civil Defense breaks down biological weapons into three categories: germs, toxins, and plant growth. This film, complete with a calming soundtrack,  assures us that “modern drugs” would remedy any attacks. The solutions provided paint an easy solution to a bw-attack.

Interesting 1950s perspective; what might a film like this look like today?