Post WWII in Europe newsreel, June 1945

This partial newsreel shows Hitler’s bunker and private quarters now occupied by American soldiers. The tour has an almost jovial tone to it.

Also shown is General Patton received by President Truman at the White House.

This newsreel reveals some British war secrets, excited postwar Germans, Norwegians, and R&R in Italy.

Since the war was still going on in Japan, movement of resources is shown along with a message from the War Department.

Hitler’s Heyday newsreel, 1947

This postwar newsreel shows confiscated private footage from Eva Braun with Hitler.

There is also a parade and animal stories in this partial 1947 newsreel.

Life on a Plantation, 1950

This clip shows a simplified overview of life on the plantation, from the perspective of the “aristocratic wealthy planter”.

The story, told by a narrator as a family tours an old plantation, explains that plantations needed to be self-sufficient because it was difficult to get around.

The slave experience is glossed over with the description “unusual class division”.

Still it would be worth showing a class in order to begin a discussion on the “peculiar institution” and life in the south before the Civil War.

Emancipation Proclamation, 1863


The Emancipation Proclamation packs a lot of punch for such a short document.

This makes it a good opportunity for students to read the primary source without being overwhelmed.

We have included a copy of the transcript as well as questions and answers for your classroom.

Trading Centers of the Pacific Coast, 1947

This partial clip offers a simplified breakdown of trade from the ports of the western U.S.

As a bonus, it contains some useful information about the growth of cities, explaining their proximity to natural resources and the growth of technology. Also has great footage of the port cities in the 1940s.

This would be useful in any social studies class.


This classic Coronet film features a group of high school students doing a radio broadcast on capitalism. Although it would certainly be considered cheesey by contemporary students, it is still a great way of discussing the major benefits of a capitalist system.

Corona, reconnaissance missions during the Cold War

Corona was the nation’s first photo reconnaissance satellite system, operating from August 1960 until May 1972.

The U2 incident contributed to the perceived urgency and necessity of the program.

Although it faced initial problems, the US was able to hide its existence under the umbrella of the space program. Scientists were pushed to improve technology in order to improve results.

It is an interesting look at a reconnaissance program that students would enjoy.

McCarthyism Political Cartoon lesson plan

McCarthySenator McCarthy led the nation through countless hours of trials as he sought to root out all communists in the United States.

He believed that communists had infiltrated all levels of American society, including the government. The cartoon we included today involves the action taken by the Illinois American Legion, who accused the Girl Scouts of being un-American because of their “one world” beliefs.

Here is the cartoon with questions and answers.

Independence Day in France, 1944

In honor of the holiday weekend, here is a partial newsreel showing Independence Day in France in 1944, as well as some footage in Rome.

Happy 4th to you and yours!

Mussolini executed, 1945

This partial newsreel from 1945 shows Mussolini being executed at the end, so it may be too graphic for classroom use, however prior to the last 10 seconds there is great footage of him addressing his Black Shirts, Hitler, and other Italian fascists.

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