Colonization in North America

We have a couple of PowerPoint presentations that cover this era in American History. Since most U.S. History classes begin with this topic, we have taken an excerpt from our Colonization to Reconstruction presentation for your use.

Here are other some of our other early U.S. History PowerPoints: Colonial Era, American Revolutionary War, The New Nation: Washington to John Quincy Adams, The First Industrial Revolution, Westward Movement, and Slavery in America.

Life in a New England colony, 1600s

This six minute partial clip shows the hardships of life in the “New World”.

Useful illustration of some realities of colonial life in North America during the 17th century.

If you would like to see more materials on this era in U.S. history, check out our Colonization to Reconstruction, Colonial Era, and American Revolutionary War PowerPoints.

Map Quiz for 1790

1790We created a set of maps for each decade that the boundaries of the U.S. changed from 1790 to today. We included a blank outline, numbered for a quiz, completed map, and answer key.

In the spirit of back to school we are posting the 1790 map.

Let us know what you think, we’ll post more if you like them.

Back to school 1950s-style

In order to let students know our expectations about their behavior in school.

Here’s a good laugh….