Munich Pact, 1938


The conference in September of 1938 resulted in the Munich Agreement signed by France, Britain, Italy, and Germany.

A classic case of appeasement, it did not prevent war.

We have included a transcript as well as questions and answers.

Check out our PowerPoints on WWII: Europe Between the WarsCauses of World War IIWorld War II (US History), World War II(World History).

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  1. You have a typo. You say above about the Munich Agreement, “A classic case of appeasement, it did prevent war.”

    You should have said “it DID NOT prevent war”.

    • Oh boy…thanks for catching this one! Jeez, fire that proofreader : )

  2. this is a good topic for national history day!!

  3. The links to the powerpoints and others are not working.

    • Thank you so much! I’m not sure what happened, but I fixed them.

  4. I teach history just outside Dachau and am able to take my students to the fuehrerbau where the agreement had been signed; really makes history come alive. You can check out my blog which has then-and-now photos of Nazi sites in Germany; this page is of the Munich agreement:

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