WWII Dr. Seuss Political Cartoon

Dr Seuss was a prolific artist and due to his children’s books is a wonderful cartoonist to use in the classroom during WWII.

His images feel familiar which put even the most unsure students at ease in analyzing political cartoons.

We have included a copy of his famous ostrich cartoon along with questions and answers.

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Atomic bomb testing, 1946

This film shows testing in the Pacific as well as the American southwest with the intent of showing that survival is possible in the face of a nuclear attack.

The role of rubber in WWII

This film shows the importance of tires to the American victory in WWII.

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President Kennedy’s Ich bin ein Berliner speech, 1963

This quintessential Cold War speech was given in June of 1963 in West Berlin.

We have included a transcript of the speech as well as questions and answers.

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