History of San Francisco

This film, made in the 1960s, traces the history of San Francisco.

Major Causes of the American Revolution

This chart, from our Colonial Era and American Revolution PowerPoints, identifies the major causes of the American independence movement in the colonies.

We have included the chart along with questions and answers for your students.

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US History Image Library – Pre-20th Century

“Peace Little Girl” or “Daisy Girl” commercial, 1964

Perhaps the most controversial presidential campaign commercial ever aired, it is hard to grasp that it was only shown once, yet contributed to Johnson’s landslide victory in 1964.

We have included questions and answers for this commercial.

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And So They Live

This 24 minute video documents the poverty-stricken lives of people in the Appalachians.

According to the film, their future success lies in educational opportunities.

This film would be excellent to show across several Social Studies classes as there are many opportunities for discussion.

Happy New Year

In celebration of the new year, we thought it would be fun to look back at a historical Betty Boop cartoon from 1932.

The action is choreographed to two popular songs of the day, “How’m I Doin” and “Chant of the Weed.”

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