Alexander the Great speech questions & answers

A dynamic leader who studied under Aristotle, this famous speech from the 4th century BCE attempts to convince his battle-weary army to continue fighting.

We have created questions and answers for this speech.

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Are you popular? 1947 film

This Coronet film is a typical post WWII-era film which stresses rigid gender roles and conformity. It was intended to be a social training tool for students to learn what makes a person likeable.

It might be fun to show older students in these opening weeks of school as a springboard for discussions: What items would you leave in if you were to produce a modern-day version? Is it appropriate for high school students? What does make a person popular? How are things the same/different from when this film was produced? And so on…

Back to School lesson idea

The transition back into school can take some longer than others, teachers included!

We like to start each year of any social studies class with map skills reviews. The teacher gets to see what students already know and it’s a great way to start a discussion of the world we live in.

We have included a copy of our world map quiz for your use.

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1942 Raid over Tokyo

This Castle Films newsreel shows troops readying for an air raid over Tokyo. Pilots and planes are shown on board and taking off from the carrier, bombing targets. It’s the first time Tokyo is bombed. Later, Doolittle receives the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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