Economic film from 1939

This Handy Jam film, Round and Round, was made in 1939. It depicts an oversimplified view of economics.

We suggest showing it to students and asking them to provide the basic economic concepts that are left out: profit, overhead, etc.

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Jackie Robinson letter to President Eisenhower

In May of 1958 Robinson urged President Eisenhower to send troops to force integration at Central High in Little Rock.

As part of our celebration of Black History Month, we are including a copy of the letter along with questions and answers.

For more resources check out our Black History month specials:

March on Washington, 1963

This quick 2 minute video shows people marching and crowds singing during the important 1963 event. We liked it because the people shown do not seem to know they are on film and it is nice to see “unposed” moments.

For more on this event check out our Civil Right Movement PowerPoint.