Langston Hughes, “Harlem” 1951

Langston Hughes was a dynamic artist who wrote several important works throughout his lifetime (1902-67). We have chosen to highlight his “Harlem” poem, written in 1951.

We have included a copy of the poem as well as questions and answers for your students.

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The History of the US Calvary

The Department of Defense created this video in 1964 using various images to weave the history of the US Calvary.

The video allows for discussion on several levels, depending on the focus in your classroom. We broke it into two parts below, each has the same opening.

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Cold War cartoon on Iron Curtain

The Cold War is rich with symbols that help students truly understand the conflict. This cartoon is no exception.

Published in 1947 in the wake of Soviet involvement in Greece and Turkey, Jay “Ding” Darling captures the feelings of the hopelessness ahead in resolving issues with communist Russia.

We have included questions and answers for your classroom use.

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FDR cartoon “Sweeping Changes”, 1933

Incoming president Franklin D. Roosevelt took office at a troubled time in US history. Hoover had failed to fix the economic problems facing the nation.

This cartoon shows Uncle Sam and Hoover watching as Congress hands FDR a broom for making sweeping changes to the nation.

We have included a copy of the cartoon as well and questions and answers ready for your classroom use.

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The Great Depression and the New Deal 

Classroom history games:

Wing to Wing, 1951

The British government made this film in 1951 to explain the importance of the Royal Air Force (RAF) in defending the west.

Historical footage highlights several of the newer technologies and styles of aircraft.

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