Origin of Memorial Day

This article from The Jasper News was published May 29, 1919.

It gives a detailed background of the origins of the holiday.

For a PDF version that is larger and ready for printing or blowing up on a LCD for students to read click here.

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JFK’s inauguration

Historic films clips, when used properly, can help students better grasp important moments.

Given the technology that exists today, namely PowerPoint and Keynote, it is possible now to embed these films within presentations and spark an interest in students that otherwise might be passive viewers.

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1971 Agreement between the US and USSR to avoid nuclear war

Students feel empowered when they can read and understand primary source documents. Often they are written in language far above the ability of most middle and high schoolers and so some students give up.

This document, written in 1971 between two nations that were on the road to detente, provides an opportunity to have a little fun. It’s easy to read and can be translated into “teenage speak”.

We’ve included the Agreement, an assignment and answers for your classroom use.

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Teaching the American West

Annie Oakley, a dynamic woman who achieved and overcome much in her six decades, is a great figure to introduce to students when teaching a unit on Western History.

Often overlooked, western history is filled with countless stories that students would be excited to learn about.

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Westward Movement

The West: Miners, Ranchers, Farmers, and Native Americans

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