WWII Eastern Front newsreel, 1941

This 1941 newsreel has 3 segments: “Nazis war on Russia, Soviet ambassador speaks, and US stars back war loans”.

The 4 minute format allows for a quick view on any given day during a unit on WWII. The footage gives the viewer a sense of battle conditions and even shows parachuters jumping off of plane wings.

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Cuban Missile Crisis political cartoon

This cartoon, drawn by Edmund Valtman and published in The Hartford Times, October 30, 1962, is a fantastic cartoon for classroom use.

The symbols used are easily recognizable and that makes students feel much more confident going into a cartoon interpretative assignment.

We have included a copy of the cartoon as well as questions and answers ready to use in your classroom.

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Model T Ford 1910

This 1910 Model T Ford movie clip is a wonderful slice of history as it shows the assembly line as well as a driving demonstration that will make your students laugh. Since it’s only a minute in length it’s just a fun way to break up a lesson.

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Lincoln’s message to the Senate, 1861

The Civil War is rich with primary source materials ranging from photographs to speeches to letters and much more. What a great opportunity for students to experience firsthand the depths of despair people felt at having a war within the nation.

President Lincoln hoped to end the conflict without bloodshed, but when it became obvious that was impossible he wanted to expedite the process as much as possible.

At the time of this speech, on July 5, 1861 several states had seceded and the attack on Fort Sumter had already occurred.

This speech is Lincoln appealing to the first session of the 37th Congress to take action in order to end the war quickly. We have included a page from the Journal of the Senate as well as questions and answers.

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Child Labor Political Cartoon Lesson

In honor of Labor Day weekend, we thought we’d post a lesson on child labor.

When designing a unit, it is important to determine the final product. We love to give students the choice of a political cartoon since it forces them to analyze symbols and dig deeper in order to fully represent the concepts at hand.

The cartoon we’ve included for today’s lesson is a prime example of expressing several deep concepts within one picture.

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