Ancestry map, 2000 Census

Ancestry map Census

The amount of information contained in census maps is staggering and a major score for Social Studies teachers.

This week we have created questions and answers on groups by ancestry in counties.

For more map activities check out our US History Map Set.

Journalism in the United States

Stanford has undertaken a fascinating project tracing the growth of newspapers in the U.S.

Here is their description: This visualization plots over 140,000 newspapers published over three centuries in the United States. The data comes from the Library of Congress’ “Chronicling America” project, which maintains a regularly updated directory of newspapers.

There are many applications for these maps in Social Studies classes. Enjoy!

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Back to School lesson idea

The transition back into school can take some longer than others, teachers included!

We like to start each year of any social studies class with map skills reviews. The teacher gets to see what students already know and it’s a great way to start a discussion of the world we live in.

We have included a copy of our world map quiz for your use.

For more map activities check out our Map Set.

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Imperialism in Africa Map, 1885-1914

We like this imperialism in Africa map, it allows students to answer both higher and lower level questions .

We have included a copy along with questions and answers.

For more on this era check out our PowerPoint resources:

US Map Quiz

This contemporary map set includes a blank outline, numbered quiz, completed, and answer key.

We have a series of census maps that follow the inclusion of new states, and this one is from 1960. Since the boundaries have not changed, it is still accurate.

Always good to have on hand in any social studies class, as a beginning of the year activity, substitute emergency lesson plan, and as part of the final exam. I attach a copy to every exam throughout the school year and when I’m feeling generous, offer extra credit for every correctly labeled state.


President Jackson on Indian Removal


The Indian Removal Act, passed by Congress in May of 1830, was meant to open up lands to white settlement.

President Andrew Jackson believed that this would allow progress and civilization to prosper in these areas and perhaps even save the Indians themselves.

We have included his December 1830 address to Congress in which he justified the policy.

Here is a copy of the transcript of the speech as well as questions and answers for students.

indian removal mapCheck out our Expansion and Reform: 1829-1860 PowerPoint.

U.S. Map Quiz

US labelled map

Map skills are so important, yet tend to be a weakness for many students.

Start off the school year with maps, and tack them onto exams all year long.

Here is a blank outline map of the U.S. as well as a numbered map for a quiz and an answer key.


Map Quiz for 1790

1790We created a set of maps for each decade that the boundaries of the U.S. changed from 1790 to today. We included a blank outline, numbered for a quiz, completed map, and answer key.

In the spirit of back to school we are posting the 1790 map.

Let us know what you think, we’ll post more if you like them.

Teaching the American Revolution with maps

The Library of Congress American Memory has grouped resources by topic, making it easier for an educator to find what they are looking for. This post will highlight the collection of maps found on the American Revolution.

This map shows the US in 1783:


This map shows the action between the British and Americans in Boston at Charlestown in 1775:

Boston in 1775

It is possible to search by subject, geographic location, or keyword depending on what map you are needing.

Our American Revolution PowerPoint presentation covers the major causes of the revolution as well major campaigns and battles, and the resulting peace.