1912 Exam for 8th graders

Exam part1

This exam was given to 8th grade students in Bullitt County, Kentucky.

A rural community, it was a big deal to make it as far as 8th grade and some students who scored well were granted scholarships to high school.

This would be a fun exam to pass out to students in any grade as a beginning of the year assignment, either individually or in small groups to see collectively how many they might be able to answer. Obviously some of the questions are no longer relevant nor will they be able to answer all of them, but this can be a great springboard for class discussions and as an ice breaker.

Here is the exam in a format ready for your classroom use.

For a link to the answers head here: Bullitt County exam answers

Beginning of the school year activities

It is time to begin thinking about the first few days of school, meeting new students, seating charts, assigning textbooks, and all of the other fun stuff that gets thrown your way as a teacher.

One of my favorite ways of getting to know students is to talk about goals. What I hope to achieve in our class together, on a personal level, and why goal setting is so important.

We have included a copy of the 5 Goals for the Semester handout we use. Please feel free to modify in any way for your class, and let me know how it goes if you use it!