Sojourner Truth’s “Ain’t I a Woman” speech


Sojourner Truth was an amazing woman who lived an extraordinary life.

Her famous speech given in Ohio in 1851 is a simple yet eloquent argument on the equality of the sexes.

There is a bit of controversy, however, as two versions have been recorded, one during the convention, a second a few years later.

The second version is the widely known speech. It is notable though that the second version is in a southern-style dialect which is not how the native New Yorker who only spoke Dutch for her early years talked.

We have included both and encourage adding questions to the assignment we have included for your classroom use.

Jackie Robinson letter to President Eisenhower

In May of 1958 Robinson urged President Eisenhower to send troops to force integration at Central High in Little Rock.

As part of our celebration of Black History Month, we are including a copy of the letter along with questions and answers.

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A Study of Negro Artists, 1930s silent film

This silent film covers some of the greatest artists during the Harlem Renaissance.

Although there is no narration, it is provides an excellent window in the the exciting artistic happenings in the African American community.

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What About Prejudice, 1958

This film explores the concept of bias and prejudice.

It follows a student in high school, who is never shown from the waist up, who is initially shunned and his eventual acceptance into the larger group.

Interestingly, it shows students analyzing the roots of their biases, and provides some great discussion points in today’s classroom.

It is certainly relevant as part of Black History Month curriculum.

WWII US Homefront film, 1942

This film shows the daily life of Henry Browne and family, farmers from Georgia. The film links his daily activities on the peanut farm to victory in the war.

We are highlighting this film in celebration of Black History month.

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