President Truman on the Marshall Plan

After World War II, the U.S. was left with the responsibility of taking care of the battered nations across Europe.

George C. Marshall came up with a plan to revitalize the economies and help stabilize the region.

We have an earlier post which includes a transcript of Marshall’s speech as well as questions and answers for students.

Today’s posting includes Truman convincing Congress to approve the plan.

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McCarthyism Political Cartoon lesson plan

McCarthySenator McCarthy led the nation through countless hours of trials as he sought to root out all communists in the United States.

He believed that communists had infiltrated all levels of American society, including the government. The cartoon we included today involves the action taken by the Illinois American Legion, who accused the Girl Scouts of being un-American because of their “one world” beliefs.

Here is the cartoon with questions and answers.

How to prepare for a nuclear attack during the Cold War, 1951

This film, aimed at elementary school aged-children, explains how to survive an atomic attack. Of course we know today that these techniques would not save your life, for example closing the venetian blinds, but it is an interesting look back at the fear felt by many during the Cold War era.