The 1930s

The Great Depression and New Deal characterized the decade and left a permanent mark on the American landscape both physically and psychologically.

Our 1930s PowerPoint details the major causes and events during the era.

We have included in this post a copy of some of the lecture terms and two crossword puzzles (puzzle 1, puzzle 2) linked to the lecture terms from the PowerPoint presentation.

Banks collapse, savings and loans get bailed out

Does this sound like recent headlines?

Unfortunately, problems in the banking sector are not new in our system. The charts below show the Savings and Loans scandals of the 1980s, and how many banks closed due to problems stemming in part from relaxed regulations.

Conservative or liberal, we can all agree that taxpayers lose the most when greed is left entirely unchecked.

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Major Causes of the Great Depression

This 26 slide mini-ppt reviews the major causes of the Great Depression. We have posted it on SlideShare for your convenience. You can download it from there, or from our Free Downloads page.

If you would like to see more on the Great Depression and New Deal, please check out our 177 slide PowerPoint on the 1930s.

Financing the American Family in the Great Depression

We have been getting great feedback from our recent posts on the Great Depression, so today’s is in the same vein.

The Household Finance Corporation was started in 1878 by Frank J. Mackey to offer loans. They were one of the first companies to offer installment repayments, rather than owing the entire balance at the end of a loan period. The company went public on the NYSE in the 1920s and made many loans throughout the Great Depression.

This film from 1935 shows that the answer to a family in debt was to borrow money from HFC.  After a home inspection deems them worthy, they received the $300 loan. The loan officer, when asked what might happen if they are unable to make a payment, explains that HFC wouldn’t expect them to do the impossible as long as they were paying whatever they could. Jump ahead to the 8 minute mark to see the loan approval scene.

Given our current banking and mortgage crises we thought this video might highlight the deep roots of our cycle of borrowing.

Does history repeat itself? You decide.

Hoover’s thoughts on why the Great Depression occurred

We found this gem of a primary source document while researching for our World History WWII PowerPoint. We wanted to see what was being said by major US leaders about the stock market crash, Great Depression and its effect on the coming war.

Hoover wrote this letter as a sort of insurance plan in case the incoming president was less than truthful about the causes of the depression. He wanted the letter kept secret so that it would not exacerbate an already tenuous situation. This firsthand account provides insights into what he believed happened and was happening in 1933.

Hoover delineates five periods and explains the conditions that led to the collapse of the US economy. He also gives specific recommendations to solve it.

We have included some questions and answers, please feel free to use them if you’d like.