American Rattlesnake cartoon, 1782

This 1782 British cartoon reflects the belief by the cartoonist that continual fighting on the part of the British was futile.

We have created questions and answers for your classroom use.

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Guest Post: Colonial Williamsburg

We were emailed this amazing opportunity for teachers and thought we’d pass it along:

When was the last time you experienced Colonial Williamsburg?  We promise it is different – and even better – than you remember.  This summer, Colonial Williamsburg has a special offer for teachers – free admission on select dates, with discounted rates for friends or family.  On July 22, 23 or 24; Aug. 12, 13 or 14; or Oct. 7, 8 or 9, teachers can pick up their free pass at Colonial Williamsburg’s Visitor Center.

Kick off your Colonial Williamsburg even before you arrive through RevQuest, an interactive alternate reality game that lets you discover the secrets of the revolution, online and onsite.  Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Trades will give you a look into craftsmanship that boasts incredible attention to detail through skilled artisans at more than 20 locations in the Historic Area, from the brickyard and the milliner to the blacksmith and the print shop. Every morning, part of the Historic Area transforms into Revolutionary City – live street theater depicting the challenges and triumphs of forming a new nation.  And to conclude the day, robust evening programs with schedule changes nightly provide unforgettable entertainment.

There is no better place to watch history come alive and become part of the story yourself than Colonial Williamsburg.  New programs have begun this summer, including many exciting tours and performances that encourage visitor participation.  After experiencing all that Colonial Williamsburg has to offer, you’ll leave with new ways to think about history and methods to help you teach it more effectively.

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Major Causes of the American Revolution

This chart, from our Colonial Era and American Revolution PowerPoints, identifies the major causes of the American independence movement in the colonies.

We have included the chart along with questions and answers for your students.

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US History Image Library – Pre-20th Century

Benjamin Franklin’s Join or Die

Although this cartoon can be seen in almost every major US History textbook, we still think it’s worth analyzing with questions.

We have included a copy with questions and answers.

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    U.S. History Review
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    US History Image Library – Pre-20th Century

    Common Sense by Thomas Paine, 1776

    One of the most influential documents written in the US during the struggles with Britain, this pamphlet offers an opportunity for students to read some of the arguments made for separation.

    We have included an excerpt with questions and answers.

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  • Colonization to Reconstruction:
    U.S. History Review
  • Colonial Era
  • The American Revolutionary War
  • First Industrial Revolution in America: 1790-1860
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    Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty or Give me Death”, 1775

    We have included an excerpt along with questions and answers from his passionate speech given on the eve of the revolutionary war.

    It is short and well-suited for use as a primary source since the language is easily understandable.  This can help students feel good about reading a “real speech”.

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    Life in a New England colony, 1600s

    This six minute partial clip shows the hardships of life in the “New World”.

    Useful illustration of some realities of colonial life in North America during the 17th century.

    If you would like to see more materials on this era in U.S. history, check out our Colonization to Reconstruction, Colonial Era, and American Revolutionary War PowerPoints.