Sojourner Truth’s “Ain’t I a Woman” speech


Sojourner Truth was an amazing woman who lived an extraordinary life.

Her famous speech given in Ohio in 1851 is a simple yet eloquent argument on the equality of the sexes.

There is a bit of controversy, however, as two versions have been recorded, one during the convention, a second a few years later.

The second version is the widely known speech. It is notable though that the second version is in a southern-style dialect which is not how the native New Yorker who only spoke Dutch for her early years talked.

We have included both and encourage adding questions to the assignment we have included for your classroom use.

Alexander the Great speech questions & answers

A dynamic leader who studied under Aristotle, this famous speech from the 4th century BCE attempts to convince his battle-weary army to continue fighting.

We have created questions and answers for this speech.

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Frederick Douglass speech “What the Black Man Wants” 1865

Given at the annual meeting of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society days before the end of the Civil War, Douglass argues in favor of suffrage for Blacks, as well as equality, rather than generosity.

Douglass wants Blacks to be allowed to fail or succeed on their own.

He also points out the irony that Blacks have been considered citizens in time of war but aliens in time of peace.

We have included an excerpt from the speech, along with questions and answers.

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    Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty or Give me Death”, 1775

    We have included an excerpt along with questions and answers from his passionate speech given on the eve of the revolutionary war.

    It is short and well-suited for use as a primary source since the language is easily understandable.  This can help students feel good about reading a “real speech”.

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    Sam Houston’s Presidential Inaugural Speech, Republic of Texas, 1836

    The Republic of Texas lasted just under a decade from 1836-1845.

    This speech was given just after the victory by Houston’s troops in the battle at San Jacinto.

    Tensions were still high and the future of the newly independent nation was uncertain.

    We have included a copy of the speech as well as questions and answers for students.

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    Churchill speech, “Owed to so few” 1940

    Churchill was a great orator who could evoke powerful images and memorable quotes.

    His 1940 speech to the House of Commons is no exception.

    Deep in the Battle of Britain, Churchill wanted to give hope to British citizens that victory was possible.

    We have included a copy of an excerpt from the speech as well as questions and answers.

    Here is a link to the audio of the speech.

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