The growth of cities and industry

Free enterprise and capitalism are explained to a teenager who watched a protest in his small town.

The grandfather explains the growth of the town as a result of the factory.

Industry and all development are linked to the factory in the story told by his grandfather; and therefore there ought to be no protests against it.

A simplified breakdown of the growth of cities. It is interesting and has educational value, however it certainly discourages another American value: free speech and protest.

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Carnegie and The Gospel of Wealth

CarnegieAndrew Carnegie epitomizes the “rags to riches” American dream.

Although he was a captain of industry during the infamous robber baron years, he believed it was important for the wealthy to leave a legacy and better the world.

His Gospel of Wealth essay written in 1889 outlined his philanthropic ideals.gospel of wealth

We have included a copy of the essay as well as questions and answers for students.

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