FDR cartoon “Sweeping Changes”, 1933

Incoming president Franklin D. Roosevelt took office at a troubled time in US history. Hoover had failed to fix the economic problems facing the nation.

This cartoon shows Uncle Sam and Hoover watching as Congress hands FDR a broom for making sweeping changes to the nation.

We have included a copy of the cartoon as well and questions and answers ready for your classroom use.

For more on this era check out our US History PowerPoint:

The Great Depression and the New Deal 

Classroom history games:

The 1930s

The Great Depression and New Deal characterized the decade and left a permanent mark on the American landscape both physically and psychologically.

Our 1930s PowerPoint details the major causes and events during the era.

We have included in this post a copy of some of the lecture terms and two crossword puzzles (puzzle 1, puzzle 2) linked to the lecture terms from the PowerPoint presentation.

National Housing Act, 1935

This newsreel-style video details the benefits of the National Housing Act for workers and the economy during the Great Depression. We are given a tour of a house built as a result of the program, which highlights the new innovations in construction. A couple interested in the home can now afford to buy as a result of the legislation.

This seems timely given the mortgage crisis we are facing.

Fireside chats

One of his first fireside chats, this 1933 video outlines the relief programs FDR was designing to rescue the US from economic crisis.

This 1938 fireside chat discusses the effects of the Great Depression in Europe and the loss of democracy as a means of motivating Americans to stay strong.