Pearl Harbor film

This Castle Film was shot after the attack on Pearl Harbor. It begins with a helpful map of the harbor’s location and shows the devastation on the seaplane base, destroyer USS Shaw, battleship USS Utah and the USS Arizona.

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Film Collection, 1940s:  Historic Film Collection, Part 3

December 1941 newsreel

This Universal newsreel contains fantastic footage of the early years of WWII, including the Lend-Lease program, recent attack of Pearl Harbor, and even speeches by FDR.

Very useful for students to have a visual of the issues facing the world at the close of 1941.

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Attack on Pearl Harbor

These two films show footage from the attack to convince viewers to support the war effort.

Note: the term “Jap” is used throughout.

Pearl Harbor and WWII footage

This unnarrated footage of various WWII battle scenes was made right after the attack on Pearl Harbor to remind Americans the necessities of entering the war.