McCarthyism Political Cartoon lesson plan

McCarthySenator McCarthy led the nation through countless hours of trials as he sought to root out all communists in the United States.

He believed that communists had infiltrated all levels of American society, including the government. The cartoon we included today involves the action taken by the Illinois American Legion, who accused the Girl Scouts of being un-American because of their “one world” beliefs.

Here is the cartoon with questions and answers.

Monroe Doctrine cartoons lesson

monroe doctrine

The Monroe Doctrine is arguably one of the top ten most influential policies ever penned by a president. It helped define the stance the U.S. would take in the affairs of foreign nations, at first in the Western Hemisphere, and later the world.

Teaching with cartoons is such a powerful manner of introducing high level concepts. It also tends to grab the attention of all students, since most of us understand symbols pretty easily.

Here are two cartoons along with questions and answers on the Monroe Doctrine.