President Jackson Mini-PowerPoint

Our Expansion and Reform:1829-1860 PowerPoint covers the explosions of growth during this era.

We have included this 27-slide excerpt on President Jackson.

For more on this era check out our:
Simulation Games


Colonization in North America

We have a couple of PowerPoint presentations that cover this era in American History. Since most U.S. History classes begin with this topic, we have taken an excerpt from our Colonization to Reconstruction presentation for your use.

Here are other some of our other early U.S. History PowerPoints: Colonial Era, American Revolutionary War, The New Nation: Washington to John Quincy Adams, The First Industrial Revolution, Westward Movement, and Slavery in America.


These 11 slides are excerpted from our Black Death PowerPoint.  We wanted to post them since they are so timely.

If you’d like to download this mini-ppt, go to our Free Downloads page.

Major Causes of the Great Depression

This 26 slide mini-ppt reviews the major causes of the Great Depression. We have posted it on SlideShare for your convenience. You can download it from there, or from our Free Downloads page.

If you would like to see more on the Great Depression and New Deal, please check out our 177 slide PowerPoint on the 1930s.

Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo carve up the world

This political cartoon created during WWII shows a bleak future for the world if the Axis Powers were triumphant. Political cartoons provide so many opportunities for dialogue on the given topic. The artist’s bias, as well as the chosen symbols allow students to view the issue from different perspectives¬†not usually evident in photographs or documents.

We have included questions and answers for your classroom use.


Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo carve up the world cartoon

Major Causes of WWII mini-PowerPoint

SlideShare is an interesting way of viewing a presentation that is accessible from any computer with internet access. We have placed our free mini-PowerPoint on the Causes of World War II on their site in order to allow access from yet another resource. It is also available on our website to download with all of the videos.