Major Causes of the American Revolution

This chart, from our Colonial Era and American Revolution PowerPoints, identifies the major causes of the American independence movement in the colonies.

We have included the chart along with questions and answers for your students.

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Common Sense by Thomas Paine, 1776

One of the most influential documents written in the US during the struggles with Britain, this pamphlet offers an opportunity for students to read some of the arguments made for separation.

We have included an excerpt with questions and answers.

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    The Shot Heard Round the World

    Here is another classic SchoolHouse Rock cartoon, this time on the American Revolution.

    Fun to show students, they are great conversation starters.

    It is also fun to assign students to design their own take on this topic, what information might they add or take away from the video?

    Check out our Colonial Era and American Revolutionary War PowerPoints for more in depth explorations of this time period.