The Shot Heard Round the World

Here is another classic SchoolHouse Rock cartoon, this time on the American Revolution.

Fun to show students, they are great conversation starters.

It is also fun to assign students to design their own take on this topic, what information might they add or take away from the video?

Check out our Colonial Era and American Revolutionary War PowerPoints for more in depth explorations of this time period.

U.S. Map Quiz

US labelled map

Map skills are so important, yet tend to be a weakness for many students.

Start off the school year with maps, and tack them onto exams all year long.

Here is a blank outline map of the U.S. as well as a numbered map for a quiz and an answer key.


Colonization in North America

We have a couple of PowerPoint presentations that cover this era in American History. Since most U.S. History classes begin with this topic, we have taken an excerpt from our Colonization to Reconstruction presentation for your use.

Here are other some of our other early U.S. History PowerPoints: Colonial Era, American Revolutionary War, The New Nation: Washington to John Quincy Adams, The First Industrial Revolution, Westward Movement, and Slavery in America.

Independence Day in France, 1944

In honor of the holiday weekend, here is a partial newsreel showing Independence Day in France in 1944, as well as some footage in Rome.

Happy 4th to you and yours!

Anti-imperialism cartoon

There are a wealth of cartoons on the subject of imperialism, both in favor and against. Common images in favor depict the conquered as children who need guidance from a wise parent nation. Anti-imperialism cartoons tend to focus on the atrocities committed against the conquered.

What we liked about this cartoon is that it forces the reader to be faced with the treatment of people in the United States. This cartoon not only speaks to the climate of American imperialist fever at the turn of the 20th century, but it also commentates on the situation for African Americans at home.

We have included questions and answers along with the cartoon.



Casualties in American wars

The United States has been involved in many entanglements over the years for various reasons, however the result is always the same, the death of young men doing their duty for our nation.

Whether people agree with the reasons for entering or exiting a conflict, all can agree that the loss of life is a tragic event.

This chart is included in a few of our PowerPoint presentations, as a way of illustrating the human cost of wars in general and the Civil War in particular.

We have included some questions that can used with the chart.

Deaths from all American wars


Teaching the American Revolution with maps

The Library of Congress American Memory has grouped resources by topic, making it easier for an educator to find what they are looking for. This post will highlight the collection of maps found on the American Revolution.

This map shows the US in 1783:


This map shows the action between the British and Americans in Boston at Charlestown in 1775:

Boston in 1775

It is possible to search by subject, geographic location, or keyword depending on what map you are needing.

Our American Revolution PowerPoint presentation covers the major causes of the revolution as well major campaigns and battles, and the resulting peace.

Major Causes of WWII mini-PowerPoint

SlideShare is an interesting way of viewing a presentation that is accessible from any computer with internet access. We have placed our free mini-PowerPoint on the Causes of World War II on their site in order to allow access from yet another resource. It is also available on our website to download with all of the videos.