Training women workers during WWII

This gem of a film features Eleanor Roosevelt as the narrator who explains how the National Youth Administration was training young men and women to assist in the war effort.

Nutrition during WWII

This film highlights the efforts in Britain to ration and save food to educate Americans during WWII.

Interestingly, healthy eating habits and proper diet are the focus of this film (rather than rationing).

The national nutrition program was created during WWII to encourage Americans to eat healthfully, including parsnips, turnips and squash.

This film argues that a better diet will lead to more productive workers and soldiers.

An apropos film given the rise in obesity in the United States.

Japanese Internment Camps during WWII, 1943

japanese internment

Made by the US War Department, this video shows the evacuation of peoples of Japanese descent following Executive Order 9066. This action was taken to prevent sabotage and espionage. Footage from the internment camps is also included.

Since it was produced during WWII, none of the controversies surrounding this process is addressed, allowing a teacher to frame the issue in any way appropriate for your students.

I have been lucky enough to have camp residents speak in my classroom and this video would be a great introduction or follow up.

It is open-ended enough to ask whether this action was right and whether it could or should happen again.

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