1942 Raid over Tokyo

This Castle Films newsreel shows troops readying for an air raid over Tokyo. Pilots and planes are shown on board and taking off from the carrier, bombing targets. It’s the first time Tokyo is bombed. Later, Doolittle receives the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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December 1941 newsreel

This Universal newsreel contains fantastic footage of the early years of WWII, including the Lend-Lease program, recent attack of Pearl Harbor, and even speeches by FDR.

Very useful for students to have a visual of the issues facing the world at the close of 1941.

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Mussolini executed, 1945

This partial newsreel from 1945 shows Mussolini being executed at the end, so it may be too graphic for classroom use, however prior to the last 10 seconds there is great footage of him addressing his Black Shirts, Hitler, and other Italian fascists.

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